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Friday, July 27, 2012

After over four years!!! Finally.. she is my dauughter

July 23,2012 After 4 years 1 month and 23 days.... finally the fight, the tears, the roller coaster has ended. In a very anti-climactic manner and after 2 hours waiting rather impatiently but in a very relaxed atmosphere with my three Belovodske families we were told the judge signed our documents. What were we told??? "It is all good". I actually asked, "We have signatures?" YES!!!! We all took photographs of our documents, we all took photos with our documents. All in all still... surreal. Having a last meal at Sahida. Guru lagman, holodni water, and bread. Then off to the bazaar for shoes, toys and one last ice cream cone. Mike, Karla, Kami, Scott, Shelly, Brian... i cant thank you enough for sharing this journey with me. Kyrgyz 65 i love every one of you and every one of your children as if they were my own. We have been placed in this together each for a reason. You will forever and ever be a part of my life and always in my heart

Catching up.. LIFE

Life.... Today as i sit in the airport in Ukraine i have to reflect. First ..for those of you new to my blog or to my life: Ukraine is where my adoption journey started almost 5 years ago. My dossier was here. Then international adoption closed to singles in Ukraine. So my search led me to Kyrgyzstan. Interestingly Krystina is of Ukrainian heritage! " nothing is a coincidence". Now.. four years later i can hardly believe the twists and turns of this crazy life. Even six months ago i couldnt imagine writing this next paragraph. But a bit further back... Nine months ago i didnt imagine that my entire life would get toppled upside down. After 15 years Brian decided he wanted out of our relationship. Everything i was certain about in my life suddenly became uncertain. But as life does it started sorting itself out. Didnt feel like it at the time. I have to say it started two days before Christmas when i kissed Santa Claus!!!! How many kids do you know who can truly say "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus?" Three months later scared, still heartbroken, totally uncertain, and almost paralyzed by fear... I went out with Patrick for the second time. 20 years after we went out on a first date. Unfortunately after that first date i had to decline other dates. Not because i didnt want to. Not because i wasnt crazy about him. I have always had an attraction to this man whose crazy antics made me laugh and red hair ... well just love red heads. Life went on for both of us. We both had ups and downs. Four months after that first date i am so absolutely happy. We together have had a great four months. A 20 year friendship has turned to a relationship built on friendship and now love. Oh yes... still many, many, many fears and uncertainty surrounding our relationship. Mostly questions of how to mesh our two totally opposite lifestyles into one life. And instant family is a lot to get used to i am sure. So much unwritten there. I feel awful about not keeping the blog updated. Maybe i can bring it up to date tomorrow evening. For now i am leaving on a jet plane. Hopefully in two weeks i will arrive back home to close one book and begin a new life.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

pictures speak a thousand words

My Kyrgyz family

Most of you know or have seen and or watched my blog and my facebook over the last few years. So most all of you know that my Facebook status reads " My heart is in Kyrgyzstan." Yes my daughter is here. Yes I started off this process wanting to adopt a child and bring her into my family. But Kyrgyzstan is so much deeper for me then that. Ever since trip two my life has forever irrevocably been changed. My heart lies in Kyrgyzstan with the people I have come to know AND LOVE. They are not just friends, they are not just acquantences. Many of these people are a part of my daily life. I have met them in various palces around the United States,  I have supported them, I laughed with them and I have cried with them. They are my extended Kyrgyz family. One I even refer to as my Kyrgyz son. He may or may not ever know that is how I support him, but that does not matter. SO to be back amongst my Kyrgyz family and meet many more friends who I am sure will be lifelong is such an amazing experience. And while yes, I miss home, I miss my boys, I miss my dogs and I miss my U.S. family more then anything. I can not hide the fact that I am happy to be here and I would not have changed the decision to stay for the world. There is so much hope and happiness to give. This goes just beyond me.

So what did I do these two days? WOW! Wednesday I had a relaxing afternoon at the guesthouse. Jenish picked me up and we were off to Tokmok, but not before dropping a load of vitamins with Kyle at Hope academy. We also brought one of Jenish's students to Tokmok. in exchange... Borsok!!! I have not had a single borsok since stepping onto Kyrgyz ground. So this was just a yummy treat.

We spent some time just talking when we got to T with John, Julie, Emma, Bekkah, Josiah and Andy (newcomer to the group from Canada). Then off to Dayspring where I had an emotional reunion with all my friends and their children. Acel, Talant, Melody, Davinna, AND of course Aigols and her children Aizada and Sebira. Aigola and I may not speak the same language but we always are able to communicate, even without Acela translating. Aigola and Acel made Plov for what seemed like a million people. Anya and Sergey then arrived with Vladik and Artur, Kumashai and Aizulu. These children are all so dear to my heart. And After three years I just could not stop hugging them all.

My favorite story of the night though is our business transaction. As many know Suzanne B from Florida and I partnered to buy some jewerly that Anya and the |"big family" made. Well I had promised my tulip friend from California that I would bring her some wares from Anya for her little girl. Anya pulled me aside and I looked thropugh the products and picked out all my favorite... Tallied the total... Then the real fun started. The rest saw what we were doing and were curious. One of the girls bought a beautiful beaded necklace. But Andy decided this was the perfect time to make a great video of the children and use the opportunity to buy some jewelry for his wife. Anya saw the perfect business opportunity. Andy picked his choice and then asked.. "how much?" well. Anya the business woman asked "well.. how much do you love your wife?... Do you love her for 600 com? " Why "yes" says Andy.... Oh.... Anya comes back " Then you would love her for 1000 com?" Well Andy says.. " Yes, and I will give 1000 com if all the children at the table say hello to Lisa." Of course they all abliged. But someone suggested the fee should be doubled!!! ANd Andy the true sport agreed but only if The crowd all said " Hello to Lisa in Canada! " And they all waved and said individual hellos. Anya and the kids sold that one piece of jewelry for $40. But the story and the video is now priceless and recorded forever.

Thursday was busy. Well sort of. Again the morning started late.. The crack of 10:15am. We had brunch of BLT sandwhiches. Then off to the Bazaar. At the bazaar I bought bananas, apples, and some soccer balls for the kids at a local small private orphanage. For less then $20. Bekkah and I went to see her University, then whisked off to Lynn and Ruby's where afternoon plans were being made. Ruby showed us her newly developed sponsorship forms. |(watch out guys I will be tackling this when all the adoption stuff is over). Then we went off to Veneras where we met a family who has been supported by LAmb for many years. I remembered the one little girl from previous trips, Although she is not a little girl anymore. We spent time making the children laugh, taking their photographs, and getting information about them. Then we prayed a very humble prayer. Venera led the prayer and thanked us for coming and for loving her family.

From there we were off for some physical labor. Painting. I painted all afternoon. First the bottom rail of the outside porch at the orphanage, then I was reassigned to the indoor project. I think because I was sitting on the ground!!! But the indoor project became a chance to connect with the team members. Andy, Josiah, Blair and I along with (gonna get her name wrong) Zachara had a blast singing and painting. We shared some great laughs. The room did NOT get finished but the time spent was priceless. On the walk back for dinner Josiah and Andy had a bit of a freeerunning lesson and those pictures are just worth a thousand words in and of themselves.

I will post a separate post for photos!!! The night wasn't over... Dinner of delicious soup at Lynn and Ruby's then off to look at a new project just in the works. The night still was not over...... We went back to the apartment where Bekkah, Josiah and I played a bit of name that tune on Josiah's new boom box and skyped with Kolya, my mom and PAtrick... And before retiring I am writing this all so I do not forget a drop of it.

So much more to tell.... And I did not even share about my dinner and night with Christy, Kyle and Jenish the night before.... Another time. I must get to bed.  \goodnight all. Tomorrow we are off early.. Bazaar, Teen Challenge, Bishkek, and back to my Guest house to make arrangents for coming home....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bonding period over

Officially bonding period was over on Sunday. But we got one more visit on Monday morning. This was our Paka visit. The families all had the psychologist and translator explain that we are leaving.  This was hard on the kids and on each of us. The boys cried, one got mad. Wild girl looked at the translator and me and said " But I want to be with you". This from the little girl who the psychologists wanted to move to the disabled orphanage because she " does not talk" and "will never be normal".
I have seen such an improvement this last two weeks in this little girl. She is more open, more focused. There are more moments of smiles, more moments of bonding. Sunday and Monday were full of hugs. Very tight bonding type hugs.
Hold on little girl... Momma will be back soon and then you will become a princess worth waiting for!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Officially 10 day bonding trip has ended. One more visit to the orphanage tomorrow. This little girl hascome a long way in just ten days. Can't wait to watch her break out of the caccoon she is in. I know the butterfly is inside, despite what the staff says. Today was the hardest to leave. Something happened before she got to me today. She was sad. But provided an awesome bonding opportunity 
( even though i dont know and dont want to know). We hugged for a very long time. She held me as tight as i held her. Before i left today i left her with a whispered message. ``hold on baby girl. two more months and this will all be behind you. momma looblu vu.``

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day two

What i found out today. Noodle is not a noodle anymore. She is strong! And she has no fear. She loves to swing, loves to be held, loves to ride on shoulders, love loves loves bubbles.

Back together again

Do I really need to say anymore about this post???

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bishkek x four

Well I have officially started my fourth trip to Bishkek. After two long plane rides we arrived at the airport at o dark hundred. Our trip to the guest house was uneventful and we all got settle atd in our rooms. I have a quite cozy room seperate from the house attached to the Nelson's room. Very cute room. But I absolutely need to go to the store and get a room freshener. Smells very musty.
The Wright's came over for a visit this morning. I was so happy to see them again here in ally Bishkek. Tomorrow is a big day for the Kyrgyz 65. Supposedly one or maybe up to three families will have court!!! The first family stayed here the whole time. And they are from Belovodske. So maybe I could bank on a quick court hearing??? Would be nice to take two trips and not three. Well we are off to do some grocery shopping. I promise some really cool pictures tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


At least I can enter Kyrgyzstan now. Just need the agency NOT to move our dates again. Restarting our countdown to travel. 14 days. Sigh. Should have been 4.

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Monday, April 2, 2012


This was the first indication I got that something was extensively wrong. Gabrielle's Facebook page let me know something had gone amiss. Quickly dialing up the phone through shaking fingers I found out that I too was singing the tune Expletive, Expletive, Expletive. Group 2 has been delayed. We are 6 days from our initial travel. And we must change plane tickets and all our arrangements with work,school, childcare, lodging. $400 plus dollars later our plane tickets are changed. But that does not mean on the back half this will backlash even further. Our second trip will now most likely be the beginning of June. Which means I will either miss my long awaited Disney vacation with my family altogether or I will arrive late with a newly adopted 5 year old. What better exposure to the reality of US life right??? AAAAAAAAAAAA
Breathing, Breathing, Breathing

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Tonight I received the following email!! I just did not expect this... Nor did I think this day would ever come. WAAAAA 11 days. But who is counting!

Dear families,
Please email me the full NEW name of your referral that you would like to name your child.
I need first, middle and last name please
Please email it to me asap so we can expedite submitting documents to court asap
Our facilitator is preparing petitions to court at this time for the second group
Thank you in advance

Friday, March 23, 2012

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Airplanes and Guest Houses

Last night Gabrielle and I spoke with a very nice gentleman named Rochester. His accent was as thick as it gets and we had to spell everything. But with his help Gabrielle, Frank and I are booked on a midnight plane from JFK to Istanbul.Just after Easter dinner I will leave for Scranton. Then off to JFK. Meanwhile there will be a party beginning in Istanbul that will last for over two weeks, Most of the Group two families will all be meeting in Istanbul arriving in the wee hours of the morning in Bishkek on April 10th. Most of the families are staying in a private Villa/ Guest house. Not that I am counting... But 16 days!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Well!! The time has come. Late last evening I received the first of what will hopefully be a lot of good news going forward. I have travel dates! So I will be leaving the day after Easter. Travel is from April 9-26. Potentially the return date will change by a few days. I hope not though!

This morning Kolya, Mom and I took a road trip to Scranton. We met with John and Julie Wright and discussed all sorts of travel plans over a wonderful breakfast. I will try to upload photos later.

Later tonight we should have plane tickets! And I have confirmed that for trip one I will be staying with my wonderful amazing Bishkek friend Christy. Although we have never met in person I am so looking forward to spending time in Bishkek with her. Breaking out chick flicks at night and discussing Kyrgyz kids by day!!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Private Readers

Good Morning All!!
Thank you all for getting ready to join me on what will hopefully soon be the end of all I have been fighting and waiting for. The journey to bringing Krystina HOME FOREVER!!! Once Krystina is safely on U.S. soil I will reopen this blog as a public setting. But the new adoption agency has required that we sign confidentiality waivers. And we are very high profile cases. So we just do not even know who will get wind of our journey. We have been through more ridiculous acts of sabatoge then I care to elaborate on. The things that have happened can not even be made up. Just purely simply sad.
But that is the past!! And if you want to read about what we "the Kyrgyz 65" have been through over the last four years feel free to pull up a chair and settle down with the last 4 years worth of posts. Now we look forward to bringing home as many of the Kyrgyz 65 as we possibly get home.
According to all we know, I should have travel dates today!!! I am expecting sometime in mid April to be heading across the pond. Then sometime in late May for a final adoption trip! Fingers crossed! Toes crossed! Hope, Pray, and all the good thoughts in the world.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Photo A Day (cheating a bit)

Ok... I am cheating a little as this was not taken today. But this photo is Kolya and I in Harrisburg hopefully for the last time. (well at least for Krystina's adoption). Photo by mom taken Feb. 6, 2012. Dossier sent to Kyrgyzstan February 28,2012!!!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Happy Birthday to all the Leap Year babies of the world! Another quick post. First an apology to my poor sweet Kolya. Momma built this blog so long ago to track the adoption from first Ukraine, then Kyrgyzstan then Russia and back to Kyrgyzstan again. But once our sweet Nikolas arrived I became a bad blogger. Although Facebook gained fame and I started facebooking tons of photos. Now with the onset of news and the baby steps forward I am going to try to blog better. Both about Kolya and his antics. And about the process to bring home sweet Noodle.

I have signed on to a new agency. According to their rules I must revert back to a bit of confidentiality in regards to Noodle, her photographs her name. There are tons to reveal. As my life has changed over the last few months. Going forward there are other things that I will reveal here over the next month or two.

First the good news.... My dossier has been shipped to Kyrgyzstan! It should arrive there in the next few days. Then it will be authenticated which will take a few days and then off to the Ministry where it gets reviewed and filed by the adoption committee. Not sure how long after that it will be before travel. I am assuming end of March or first week/two of April. I traveled to meet Kolya Easter Sunday 2010. Perhaps Easter I will be traveling again?

The bad news... as I said my life has changed. Kolya's life has changed. We went from waiting to be a family of four to a family of Kolya and I waiting for Krystina. It has been a rough few months. But we are adjusting to our new normal. The last two weeks I have spent spring cleaning/nesting/changing the house. Trying to declutter. Yesterday I even gave away one of the FIVE strollers, alond with some toys and all of Kolya's 12-18 month clothing. Well most of the 18 month clothing. There are a few things he still wears. But for the most part 24 month pants are starting to get too short. But he still has no butt and no waistline (jealous) so he lives in suspenders,overalls, and belts to keep his pants up.

And last.... My blog friend Shannon just finished a Photo a Day on her blog. And Kimberly has suggested that her and I keep each other accountable to post a photo each day. So I am gonna give it a shot!!! We'll see how far I get before I have to play catch up posts.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

US postal service

Dear Mr. Postman! I have been stalking my mail for the most important delivery you will ever give. The last document in my dossier is in your hands. Please let today be the day it arrives!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Can it be?

Can it really be 7 months since my last post? Can it really be almost 2all years since I first laid eyes on Nikolai Ivanov in a Boruvicci orphanage? Can it really be 3 years and 7 months of waiting to bring home our sweet Noodle? Can it really be true that soon I will be back in Kyrgyzstan to hold her and finally be able to call her daughter. Can it be? Can it be? Please Lord let it be!!!