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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Well!! The time has come. Late last evening I received the first of what will hopefully be a lot of good news going forward. I have travel dates! So I will be leaving the day after Easter. Travel is from April 9-26. Potentially the return date will change by a few days. I hope not though!

This morning Kolya, Mom and I took a road trip to Scranton. We met with John and Julie Wright and discussed all sorts of travel plans over a wonderful breakfast. I will try to upload photos later.

Later tonight we should have plane tickets! And I have confirmed that for trip one I will be staying with my wonderful amazing Bishkek friend Christy. Although we have never met in person I am so looking forward to spending time in Bishkek with her. Breaking out chick flicks at night and discussing Kyrgyz kids by day!!



Liz said...

I am so happy things are moving along! Just wishing they went faster! U have my prayers! Lots of love and kisses.

Unknown said...
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