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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bishkek x four

Well I have officially started my fourth trip to Bishkek. After two long plane rides we arrived at the airport at o dark hundred. Our trip to the guest house was uneventful and we all got settle atd in our rooms. I have a quite cozy room seperate from the house attached to the Nelson's room. Very cute room. But I absolutely need to go to the store and get a room freshener. Smells very musty.
The Wright's came over for a visit this morning. I was so happy to see them again here in ally Bishkek. Tomorrow is a big day for the Kyrgyz 65. Supposedly one or maybe up to three families will have court!!! The first family stayed here the whole time. And they are from Belovodske. So maybe I could bank on a quick court hearing??? Would be nice to take two trips and not three. Well we are off to do some grocery shopping. I promise some really cool pictures tomorrow!!!


Kimberly said...

Ann - oh my goodness - I am just so thrilled to be reading that you are there safely! Can't wait to see pictures of you and Noodle :)
Hugs to all of you - give everyone my love!

eileen said...

wow glad to hear some are getting their court dates. Miss you so does the boy he thinks you are at work. HOpe to see pics soon. Love mom