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Monday, April 2, 2012


This was the first indication I got that something was extensively wrong. Gabrielle's Facebook page let me know something had gone amiss. Quickly dialing up the phone through shaking fingers I found out that I too was singing the tune Expletive, Expletive, Expletive. Group 2 has been delayed. We are 6 days from our initial travel. And we must change plane tickets and all our arrangements with work,school, childcare, lodging. $400 plus dollars later our plane tickets are changed. But that does not mean on the back half this will backlash even further. Our second trip will now most likely be the beginning of June. Which means I will either miss my long awaited Disney vacation with my family altogether or I will arrive late with a newly adopted 5 year old. What better exposure to the reality of US life right??? AAAAAAAAAAAA
Breathing, Breathing, Breathing

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

Oh Ann - the drama just never ends, does it??? AHHHHHHHH!!!! I am turning the air green with my own expletive song in Denver!