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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Officially 10 day bonding trip has ended. One more visit to the orphanage tomorrow. This little girl hascome a long way in just ten days. Can't wait to watch her break out of the caccoon she is in. I know the butterfly is inside, despite what the staff says. Today was the hardest to leave. Something happened before she got to me today. She was sad. But provided an awesome bonding opportunity 
( even though i dont know and dont want to know). We hugged for a very long time. She held me as tight as i held her. Before i left today i left her with a whispered message. ``hold on baby girl. two more months and this will all be behind you. momma looblu vu.``


Kimberly said...

Yes - soooooo close! Praying for God to sustain her while she awaits your return and for strength for you as you prepare!

Suzanne Bilyeu said...

Sending you and Kristina huge hugs from a far. I know that the departure is going to heart breaking. Hang in there both of you! The end is in sight....

Matt and Pam Bean said...

Oh, I just love reading the posts that are showing the kids in absolute love with their families.

Praying for you all and she looks awesome!!