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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bonding period over

Officially bonding period was over on Sunday. But we got one more visit on Monday morning. This was our Paka visit. The families all had the psychologist and translator explain that we are leaving.  This was hard on the kids and on each of us. The boys cried, one got mad. Wild girl looked at the translator and me and said " But I want to be with you". This from the little girl who the psychologists wanted to move to the disabled orphanage because she " does not talk" and "will never be normal".
I have seen such an improvement this last two weeks in this little girl. She is more open, more focused. There are more moments of smiles, more moments of bonding. Sunday and Monday were full of hugs. Very tight bonding type hugs.
Hold on little girl... Momma will be back soon and then you will become a princess worth waiting for!


Suzanne Bilyeu said...

Tons of hugs coming your way! Give one to Kristina for me too!

Margaret and Tom said...

It will be a hard wait time, but it will all be forgotten instantly when you are back together. Hang in there!