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Friday, July 27, 2012

Catching up.. LIFE

Life.... Today as i sit in the airport in Ukraine i have to reflect. First ..for those of you new to my blog or to my life: Ukraine is where my adoption journey started almost 5 years ago. My dossier was here. Then international adoption closed to singles in Ukraine. So my search led me to Kyrgyzstan. Interestingly Krystina is of Ukrainian heritage! " nothing is a coincidence". Now.. four years later i can hardly believe the twists and turns of this crazy life. Even six months ago i couldnt imagine writing this next paragraph. But a bit further back... Nine months ago i didnt imagine that my entire life would get toppled upside down. After 15 years Brian decided he wanted out of our relationship. Everything i was certain about in my life suddenly became uncertain. But as life does it started sorting itself out. Didnt feel like it at the time. I have to say it started two days before Christmas when i kissed Santa Claus!!!! How many kids do you know who can truly say "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus?" Three months later scared, still heartbroken, totally uncertain, and almost paralyzed by fear... I went out with Patrick for the second time. 20 years after we went out on a first date. Unfortunately after that first date i had to decline other dates. Not because i didnt want to. Not because i wasnt crazy about him. I have always had an attraction to this man whose crazy antics made me laugh and red hair ... well just love red heads. Life went on for both of us. We both had ups and downs. Four months after that first date i am so absolutely happy. We together have had a great four months. A 20 year friendship has turned to a relationship built on friendship and now love. Oh yes... still many, many, many fears and uncertainty surrounding our relationship. Mostly questions of how to mesh our two totally opposite lifestyles into one life. And instant family is a lot to get used to i am sure. So much unwritten there. I feel awful about not keeping the blog updated. Maybe i can bring it up to date tomorrow evening. For now i am leaving on a jet plane. Hopefully in two weeks i will arrive back home to close one book and begin a new life.