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Monday, June 2, 2014

Hawaiian Cards for the kids

Simultaneously we are offering up these beautiful card prints by Joice Dalde. Joice has given permission to use her beautifu images to raise funds for the Kyrgyz 65 families. The back of the card reads: Joice Dalde Alapag presents her expression of Hawaii's beautiful nature in chald and old pastels. She was born and raised on the island of Lana'i, Hawaii. Joice has studied many expects of drawing and has enhanced her own perspective to create a style of her own. She lives in Capistrano Beach, California.


Bring Home the remaining Kyrgyz 65 fundraising efforts.

First Item for auction:

In July 2012 Krystina walked out of her Belovodske orphanage holding tight to my hand. Three others left with us, But we left so many behind. The hearts and faces of those children are etched firmly on my heart. The Kyrgyz 65 are part of my family. Most of these children I have met at some point in time. Many I have held, snapped photos of, hugged and whispered promises that momma will come for them. These are Krystina’s siblings. They may not be biological but they are the c...losest thing she had to family in her first five years of life. The remaining Kyrgyz 65 families are now on a mad dash to bring these kids home. But 6 years of repeated Dossiers, Dozens and dozens of Apostiles, Fingerprints and USCIS fees that have been paid over and over again, have left these families trying to figure out how they are going to financially repeat paying fees another time.
I have teamed up with several of the Kyrgyz 65 families in an effort to raise some more funds for the families. Nicole Lou and I have gathered donated items. In an effort to reach out to a wide spread audience we are going to try placing a few items at a time on Ebay. We ask that as we post these items you all help us spread the word. We need people to see what we are offering. Hear your stories. We hope that whatever we can do will help in the effort to get these kiddos into your arms. Finances should not keep these children from what you and they have waited so long for.

The first item up for Auction!!!